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Sadly- we must report the death of Dr Elsheikh- Mar 2018: report from Sudan Magazine:

Sudan Shocked By Departure Of Outstanding Scientist

quoting-" KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The literary, cultural and scientific communities were gravely shocked by the recent demise of physicist, critic and writer, Dr. Elsheikh Mohamed Elsheikh, who struggled against a malicious ailment towards the end of his life that eventually overcame him through the ploy of death.

Dr. Elsheikh had left us after sowing, in his late years, a tree of knowledge which was well recognized abroad while, unfortunately, ignored at home.

Since 1970 Dr. Elsheikh had been involved in developing a new physical theory of biotic evolution and development, what he calls the quantum bio-information field theory (QBFT) and what he calls ‘faeeliya’ analysis.

QBFT, according to Loop research network, is the synthesis of the Twentieth Century major scientific revolutions: quantum mechanics, information theory and molecular biology.
It is the study of bio-systems as spontaneous self-organizing dynamical systems. It is a generalized physics hypothesis; it is a set of physical properties and laws that distinguish life from nonlife, irreducible to ordinary physics, and admit limiting transition to quantum mechanics.

QBFT is a unified theory of life which bridges the gap between physics and biology and reveals the fundamental physical laws that describe biotic evolution and development.

According to same website, Elsheikh’s QBFT theory provides theoretical basis for Barbara Mcclintock and James Shapiro’s revolutionary discovery concerning life self-organizing and self-evolving dynamics.

In his second field of research, faeeliya analysis, Elshiekh presents an answer to the question, “What is man?”. This theory was expounded in his philosophical book “Discovery of the Life-Organizing Principle: In Search of the Fundamental Laws of Life” (published by iUniverse).

Faeeliya is an Arabic word means the ability to produce and enrich life as a whole, it is creativity and altruism. Faeeliya analysis is a method for revealing the faeeliya of individuals, societies and literary texts.

The publisher wrote about the book: "Author E.M. Elsheikh, a mathematician and longtime professor, examines what the principle tells us about nature and life in this academic work. He proves that the secrets of our world reside in the quantum information contained in our DNA and genome. Discover the inner workings of life, and develop a better understanding of a maximum-action principle that explains self-organization, self-replication, and self-evolution. He also explores such topics as laws that describe phylogenetic evolution and ontogenetic development; little-known facts about genetics and evolution, including why Darwinian theory facilitates a more dynamic conception of human nature; extensions of quantum theory; and new foundations of knowledge. By challenging the notions of mainstream biology and physics and questioning assumptions about life being a physical rather than a supernatural phenomenon, you'll stumble upon truths that few others know. Get ready to go on a fascinating journey that challenges paradigms and leads you to the Discovery of the Life-Organizing Principle".

Elsheikh has numerous publications, some of them are in Arabic.

Some of his publications are:

1- Evolution Physical Intelligent Guiding principle, 2016.

2- In Search of Quantum Information Biology, 2015.

3- Discovery of the Life-Organizing Principle – "In Search of the Fundamental Laws of Life”,  published by iUniverse Publisher, 2014.

4- Towards a New Physical Theory of Biotic Evolution and Development. Ecological M-odelling (2010)221 pp. 1108-1118, 2010.

5- The new physics revolution, 2017.

He contributed to the Third International Congress of Mathematical Biology, Chile, 1988. He contributed to Expanding Human Consciousness Conference, San Diego, 2004, Sponsored by Dena Hurst, Tallahassee, Florida.

Many of Elsheikh’s admirers in the scientific and literary circles, in which he was an active element, had written heart- full eulogies about him and about his achievements. 

Researcher and Writer, Dr. Gusai Hamaroar wrote on his Facebook page, saying:

“There are a fairly few people - in particular among those knowledgeable about the human heritage and its intricacies - who might recognize the fact  about devising new modes of thinking, different from what they are used to. Recognizing that difficulty is an advanced stage of wonder difficult to be reached except by those who strive to. It is overly rare to find someone who would not just recognize that wonder, but overcome it with excellence. Of these was Elsheikh Mohammad Elsheikh who was one of the productive Sudanese minds of modern times. But very sadly he had departed before he was able to see due recognition of his effort in his home country.”

The Sudanese Writers Union has issued this eulogy: “With shivering hearts and tearful eyes, the Sudanese Writers Union shares with the Sudanese nation its intense grief over the heart-breaking departure of the affluent mental power, the great intellectual project, the scientist Elskeikh Mohammad ElSheikh who died during a medication trip to Cairo and after a tiresome struggle against his disease. The late Elsheikh had added a bright intellectual chapter to the Sudanese cultural and intellectual life by innovating the Quantum Bio-information Field Theory (QBFT) in the early 1980s. Ever since Dr. Elsheikh had been improving, ameliorating and applying that theory on a wide spectrum of intellectual domains, starting with a variety of sciences and not ending with literature. Elsheikh’s theory was difficult to appreciate by many and was not celebrated by the Sudanese scientific and academic institutions as required, while it was translated and its intuitions in many domains of knowledge were well celebrated in Japan and in a number of European and American countries”.

Elsheikh started his scientific career with an MSc in applied mathematics from the University of Khartoum.

He had held the position of head of the department of math, faculty of science, Altahadi University, Serit, Libya, for more than ten years 1998 - 2009.

Elsheikh served as Executive Secretary for Sudan National Academy of Science, 2010-2011.

Update Dec: 2016- Click to download PDF : QuantumBioInformationFieldTheory.pdf

Update April 2016- Dr Elsheikh new Paper: Click to download PDF: EMT-paper.pdf

Dr Elsheikh wrote: "Hi Prof. Dan - My paper "Electromagnetic therapy- A quantum information approach"- enclosed herewith-  is based on your discovery of the DNA quantum fractal field which is subject to charge implosion and acceleration. I demonstrated that the electromagnetic phase conjugate wave frequencies produced by a healthy mother cell can heal its cancerous  daughter cell. The reviewer responded by saying:
" Reviewer #1: Dear author?
     I read your paper"  Electromagnetic Therapy Mechanism:    A Quantum Information Biology Approach". and then , I want to know whether the theory can be proved or how can we confirm it, not by formula? Can you  use a biological experiment to prove it?"
Now, dear Partner, if you can produce such proof I appreciate our co-authoring the paper.
Best Elsheikh

Dan Winter - replied: "hi Dr.Elsheikh
It is proven that DNAmechanical structure is phase conjugate (golden ratio: goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto

Glen Rein's experiment done at my suggestion- showed that dna braid responds to the EKG frequencies: goldenmean.info/rein

There is much data to suggest the ekg key power spectra and HRV particularly is phase conjugte: hrv-app.com
particularly my equation for phase conjugation proves the key HRV   LF and HF frequency peaks (and the MAYER WAVE) are precisely phase conjugate collapse by my equation to planck: fractalfield.com/conjugateperception

Finally we have hundreds of anecdotal reports already that this phase conjugate field from my equation- DOES rejuvenate living cells: theraphi.net
appreciate your efforts, dan winter

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         E.M. Elsheikh

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Position: Independent researcher

Field: Quantum information fractal biology + Faeeliya Analysis

Degree:  M.Sc.

Phone: 00249909716299

Email: elsheikh46@yahoo.com, eelsheikh@gmail.com


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¤  Brief Biographical Note:

Elsheikh Mohamed Elsheikh holds M.Sc in applied mathematics, University of Khartoum, Sudan. Elsheikh held the position of head of the department of math., faculty of science, Altahadi university, Serit, Libya, for more than ten years 1998 - 2009. Elsheikh served as Executive Secretary for Sudan National Academy of Science, 2010-2011. Khartoum, Sudan. In August 2010 Elsheikh had been invited for a  reception by Elsevier and the Publisher of Environmental Science and Ecology, during Ecological Society of America 95th Meeting, Pittsburgh, USA, in appreciation to his contribution Ņ Towards a new physical theory of biotic evolution and developmentÓ.

 Elsheikh is self-taught researcher, in his spare time, for more than four decades, has been dedicated to found and develop Quantum Information Fractal Biology and Faeeliya Analysis. Elsheikh wrote numerous articles covering a wide range from quantum mechanics to literature based on his new discoveries.




¤  The secret of life is that the genome is a self-replicating quantum information fractal field which generates bio-information oscillations.

¤  The bio-information oscillations are represented by a generalized Schrodinger type of system, which is life organizing fractal principle.

¤  Biological evolution is goal directed to maximize total vitality (Faeeliya).

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2 Papers:

1. New 2015:


             2. Biological Evolution Fractal Goal Function
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Elsheikh Elsheikh

                                                                               E. M. Elsheikh


Biological evolution is not a random process; it is subject to a life-principle. The life principle is a fractal quantum information organizing principle. It is a generalized Schrodinger type of system with vitality which is a measure of developmental functional complexity (bio-information) as a path variable. Vitality is a function of the phenotypic variables of biological information, i.e., metabolized matter-energy growth function, life expectancy and natality, it is a periodic function of time for successive generations. So it represents the bio-information oscillations generated by the genome as a self-replicating quantum information fractal field. A maximum action principle and a quantum fractal law of biotic evolution and development are derived on the basis of the life principle. Evolution (beneficial mutations, selectionÉetc.) is a process through which the life principle undertakes negative damping, leading to maximization of total vitality.

Postulates of Quantum Information Fractal Field Theory:
(i)- A living systemÕs genome is self-organizing, self-replicating and self-evolving quantum information fractal field, QIFF.
(ii)- The QIFF generates, in addition to weak EM waves, bio-information oscillations through successive generations (iii)- The bio-information oscillations contain the dynamical essence of the living system.
(iv)- The bio-information sustains the living state.


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new book review- Nov 2013

Discovery of life organizing principle
In search for the fundamental laws of life phenomenon

Author: E. M. Elsheikh
Publisher: iUniverse, USA

Book Preview:
This book is about the discovery of life organizing principle, about the discovery of the nature and secret of life phenomenon. We accept the main stream biology and main stream physics claim that life is a physical rather than supernatural phenomenon. Then why do living systems self-organize, self-replicate and self-evolve while non-living systems do not? According to the Second Law of thermodynamics a living system should decay and disintegrate, however, this does not occur only when the living system dies, why? The answer is that because the living system is a far from equilibrium thermodynamic open system which exchanges matter-energy with the surroundings, in doing so it sustains its living state without decomposition. The question then how could it be possible for the system to traverse a path of increasing complexity from thermodynamic equilibrium to maintain a state of far from equilibrium thermodynamics? What is the driving force? Is it an intelligent designer?!

According to quantum mechanics a living system, being macroscopic localized system, should be decoherent and lack useful energy for its function, on the contrary the living system is coherent and rich in useful energy, so what is the source of its coherence? The dynamics of a physical system is embedded in phase space coordinates from which the systemÕs equation of motion can be derived, on the contrary the living system dynamics depends on its bio-information or bio-complexity rather than on the space coordinates it occupies. So how could it be possible to discover a life organizing principle which contains the dynamical essence of a living system irrespective of the phase space coordinates?

Reductionism claims that life is reducible to ordinary physics based on the doctrine of physical closure according to which every physical effect has a physical cause. And since living systems performance is physical then it must have physical causes. Anti-reductionism in turn claims that life is not reducible to physics, because NagelÕs bridge law requirement cannot be met. NagelÕs bridge law necessitates that reducibility requires a connection between physical terms (e.g. momentum) and biological terms (e.g. heredity). In addition it requires the derivation of the proposed biological laws from physical laws. So how can a life organizing principle transcend this dichotomy or enigma? Moreover, if biological evolution is not a random process but subject to a life organizing principle then it has to have a goal function or target criterion, what is it?

To discover the life organizing principle it is necessary to discover what physically distinguishes life from non-life? This means it is necessary to discover a fundamental property of matter which escapes human imagination for centuries, what is this property?
To answer all these questions a paradigm shift is needed which includes:
- Broadening the concept of information
- Identifying life golden ratio based fractal nature
- Extension of quantum field theory
- Extension of stationary action principle to include a principle of maximum action.

The paradigm shift facilitates developing a new quantum information fractal field theory (QIFFT), according to which the secret or essence of life resides in the DNA or genome as a quantum information fractal field which generates, in addition to weak electromagnetic waves, bio-information oscillations. The bio-information oscillations, being the new discovered fundamental property of matter, contain the dynamical essence of living systems. In consequence the life-organizing principle (LOP) is a generalized Schrodinger type of system with vitality, a measure of bio-information, as path variable. The LOP, being nonlinear and non-conservative system, is an attractor; it is a minor attractor when describing cell dynamics and a major attractor when describing multi-cellular organism dynamics. A cell type is an example of minor attractor which belongs to the basin of a major attractor. A maximum action principle which facilitates self-organization, self-replication and self-evolution is derived on the basis of the life organizing principle.

Moreover, a First Law and Second Law of self-organization are also derived on the basis of the life-organizing principle. These laws identify a conclusive biological evolution target criterion or goal function which is the increase of total vitality. Total vitality is a product of organismÕs total action, genome physical information and lifespan. Thus natural selection selects the path of maximum action. In addition to phylogenesis these laws also describe ontogenetic development, cellular differentiation and organism growth.
The First Law of self-organization states that the organismÕs rate of change of action is directly proportional to its developmental functional complexity (bio-information). While the Second Law states that the organismÕs total vitality is directly proportional to Fibonacci numbers and the genome physical information and inversely with the frequency of bio-information oscillations. The Fibonacci numbers represent the quantum functionally stationary states, they represent minor attractors states ontogenetically, and major attractors states phylogenetically. Based on the Second Law, both phylogeny and ontogeny are processes that generate and assemble minor attractors. These laws admit limiting transition to linear reversible quantum mechanics, which means they are more general than inanimate physics. Hence the question of whether biology is reduced to physics or vice versa becomes meaningless, i.e. the two domains coincide.

Finally, the genomeÕs total bio-information is found to generate two survival components: reproductive fitness component and total vitality fitness component. This extension of Darwinian Theory substantiates a theory of multi-level selection and facilitates a more dynamic conception of human nature.

This web site- about- E.M. Elsheikh
is prepared with the help of Dan Winter- goldenmean.info - Mathematics of Life Force- Centripetal Forces: fractalfield.com/mathematicsoffusion
Golden Ratio optimized conjugation of phases (wave fronts and wave phase velocities add and multiply or heterodyne- recursively and constructively)...
simply is the best wave geometry for opposing vortex pairs to converge constructively...
as we say - it is "the only way for pine cones to kiss noses".
It is our strong hypothesis that this equation for golden ratio generated implosive / centripetal force-
is the geometric wave mechanic of
- phase conjugate optics, dielectrics AND (now we see examples of) magnetics!

This is the precise animation of Dan Winter's new equation for the radii of hydrogen- in relation to Planck- (length AND time):ref goldenmean.info/goldenproof
It is also the proven precise geometry of photons angles for the primary colors- which is the reason color AND photosynthesis exist (phase conjugation): goldenmean.info/fractalcolor
This also precisely the geometry of the relationship of the proton, to planck, to black holes (ref:Nassim) see goldenmean.info/selforganization
It is also the proven geometry of the DNA, Earth's magnetic lines, and arrangment of masses in the UNIVERSE!
It is also the basic geometry of (golden ratio based) E8- Unified Field by Lisi
It is also the precise geometric relationship of brainwaves during PEAK PERCEPTION/ BLISS (the reason attention is electrical CENTRIPETAL)

In summary- this PHASE CONJUGATION optimized by golden ratio is the CAUSE and MECHANISM of:

- HYDROGEN (+ all atoms have gravity/'implosive collapse' only because their nuclear geometry is golden ratio fractal to their electrons)


- all FUSION / black holes / all centripetal forces / all self organization

- all LIFE / PERCEPTION / BLISS / - and the CAUSE of color / and photosynthesis (goldenmean.info/fractalcolor



1-   Discovery of the Secret of Life:

        Quantum Information Fractal Biology (Q.I.F.B.) by E.M. Elsheikh

What is the secret of life? Why living systems behave in spontaneous and purposeful manner that is not available to inanimate systems? What are the fundamental physical laws that characterize living systems? To answer these questions a new quantum biological revolution is needed. The new quantum biological revolution is based on the fact that the DNA or genome is a self-replicating quantum information fractal field which generates, in addition to weak electromagnetic vibrations, bio-information oscillations. The bio-information oscillations, being fusion of matter-energy information and time, contain the dynamical essence of living systems.

If the secret of life is embedded in the genome as a quantum information fractal field which generates bio-information oscillations, so why this secret has been unrecognized for centuries? The answer is that because science depends on facts and facts depend on the socio-historic development of science. So it was necessary to discover that organic matter is composed from non-organic matter, (Wohler, 1828). In the 1830Õs Schleiden and Schwann advanced the cell theory according to which all living systems are composed of cells representing the actual units of life.  In 1859 Darwin introduced the theory of evolution.  By the beginning of the last century quantum theory was developed (Planck, Bohr, Schrodinger, ..). Then information theory was discovered by Shannon, in 1948. The DNA was discovered in 1953, by Watson and Crick. Mandelbrot introduced Fractal theory by 1975. Roughly, a system is fractal if it is composed of overlapping self-similar patterns the lead to its complexity, e.g. onion. During this century Jean-Claude Perez and Dan Winter demonstrated that the DNA has fractal structure optimized by the golden ratio. It is Dan Winter who coined the notion of quantum fractal field to the DNA, and showed that DNA fractality optimized by the golden ratio facilitates optimum distribution of charge and maximum coherence. To uncover the secret of life all these facts, and in fact many others, are necessary.  However, a new scientific theory is not a mere collection of facts; it is the organization and synthesis of facts. In consequence to uncover the secret of life and formulate a quantum information fractal field theory a paradigm shift is also necessary. The paradigm shift comprises:

i-              Broadening the concept of bio-information.

ii-            Broadening the concept of matter.

iii-          Broadening the quantum theory.

iv-            Extension of the least action principle.


It is important to distinguish between physical information as a measure of physical complexity which is static, and bio-information as a measure of bio-complexity which is developmental and functional. So it is appropriate to describe bio-information or bio-complexity in terms of information dimension as well as energy dimension. For this sake I defined vitality which is the genome capacity to generate developmental functional complexity as a function of the organism genomeÕs physical information, total matter-energy metabolized by the organism and its life expectancy. Vitality increases before adulthood, has a maximum when the organism is fully grown, decreases afterwards and becomes zero when the organism dies. Considering a unicellular organism which divides for successive generations, vitality becomes a periodic function of time. Thus it represents the organism bio-information oscillations, generated by the genome as a self-replicating quantum information fractal field.

Broadening the concept of Matter:

The discovery of bio-information oscillations, associated with self-replicating quantum information fractal fields, reveals that matter has complementary properties: Matter waves, microscopically, at high mass density, and bio-information oscillations at high information density. It is known that the DNA has the highest information density in the Universe we know; it is 45x1012 times that of the mega-chip. Based on this complementaity a material, system animate or inanimate, does not possess simultaneously both matter waves and bio-information oscillations descriptions.

Broadening quantum theory:

When considering the genome as a quantum fractal field optimized by the golden ratio in order to produce maximum coherence, optimum distribution of charge and self organization, we operate on the microscopic domain of quantum field theory.  However, when considering the genome as a quantum information fractal field optimized by the golden ratio, we operate on the macroscopic level of both self organization and self-replication, i.e., the level of the organism as a whole. Does the organism as a whole reducible to the ordinary quantum field theory? The answer is no, based on the above proposed complementarity of matter waves and bio-information oscillations. This means the organism is a fractal system (elementary particles, atoms, molecules, macro-molecules, genes, chromosomes, cells, organisms,..) which displays self similarity that produces irreducible complexity at the level of the organism as a whole. To describe such biological hierarchy, we need a hierarchy of physical laws which is also fractal displaying self-similarity and irreducible complexity. We know that the lower level of the hierarchy of physical laws is subject to quantum field theory for which the wave function i.e., Schrodinger system, is the basic attribute.  So, how can we reconcile the quantum self-similarity of the hierarchy of physical laws with its irreducible quantum complexity? This dichotomy could only be resolved by a new generalized irreducible quantum theory. The new generalized quantum theory must, somehow, admit limiting transition to linear reversible quantum mechanics. Since Schrodinger system is the basic characteristic of quantum field theory, it is reasonable to argue that the new quantum theory would also be characterized by a generalized irreducible Schrodinger type of system. Hence, the generalized irreducible Schrodinger type of system is the basic attribute of the genome as self-replicating quantum information fractal field. We call such generalized Schrodinger type of system life organizing principle or just life-principle. 

Extension of the least action principle:

The least action is an extremum principle according to which a mechanical system behaves in such a way that the action S (time integral over the Lagrange function) is minimized. Action has the dimensions of energy and time. Now it is clear as an organism grows and develops its action increases rather than decreases. To account for such an observation there must be a maximum action principle, according to which a system spontaneously traverses a path of maximum action. In this regard the maximum action principle is the driving force of self-organization.

Based on this paradigm shift the following laws are discovered:

-       Life principle

-       The first law of self-organization

-       Quantum fractal law of biotic evolution and development

-       Conservation of genomeÕs total bio-information

Life principle:

As stated above the life principle is a generalized Schrodinger type of system, with vitality which is a measure of the genome developmental functional complexity as a path variable. The life principle does not contain PlanckÕs constant; it rather contains an analog of it. The emerging differential equation is second order, non-linear, non-conservative and irreversible. These characteristics facilitate the system to be structurally stable, or an attractor, which is a highly desirable attribute for bio-systems.  Nonetheless evolution- beneficial mutations, selection, . .etc.- is a process through which the life-principle undertakes negative damping. This leads to the amplification of the systemÕs bio-information oscillations which entails that evolution maximizes total vitality. Total vitality is the area under the vitality curve. The increase of total vitality leads to the increase of one or more of the following:

į      OrganismÕs total action

į      OrganismÕs genome physical complexity

į      OrganismÕs lifespan.

It is appropriate to mention that both the first law of self-organization and the quantum fractal law of biotic evolution and development are derived on the basis of the life-principle.


The first law of self-organization:

The first law of self-organization, which is an expression of the maximum action principle, states: The rate of change of action increase is directly proportional to vitality which is a measure of developmental functional complexity. In fact the maximum action principle is the driving force of self-organization, i.e. bio-information generation.  Whereby fractal field phase conjugation coupled with kinetic power of replication represent the mechanism. Thus the spontaneous and purposeful functionality of living systems is an expression of the maximum action principle which is a purely biological attribute. This means life is the intelligent designer of its own.

Definition of life:

Life in general (at group or species level) is an autonomous self-sustained bio-information oscillations generating process. However, on individual level, a system is said to be alive if its rate of change of action is greater than zero, and if its vitality is also greater than zero. Conversely, if the rate of change of action is zero and vitality is zero, then the system is dead

Quantum fractal law of biotic evolution and development:

This law states that total vitality is in direct correspondence with the Fibonacci numbers, genome physical complexity and inversely with the frequency of bio-information oscillations. So both phylogeny and ontogeny are expressions of the same quantum fractal law. The involvement of Fibonacci numbers or golden ratio in biotic patterns is a deterministic consequence of the maximum action principle. Moreover, the Fibonacci numbers characterize the quantum functionally stationary states of maximum coherence. The law is in agreement with Eldredge and Gold punctuated equilibrium and with Dan WinterÕs quantum fractal field theory.

Conservation of genomeÕs total bio-information:

This law states that the organismÕs total vitality plus its total natality density function is constant. In consequence if phylogenetic evolution leads to the increase total vitality, then according to the law, the more evolved organism must have lower natality rate. The law helps in generating the logistic equations for organism and population growth. However, it is significant the law indicates that the genome total bio-information generates two survival components: total vitality fitness and reproductive fitness. This result supports the theory of multi-level selection, i.e., individual selection and group selection. Thus, micro- evolutionarily life is Darwinistic, i.e., survival for the individual, whereas macro-evolutionarily life is based on total vitality fitness, i.e., survival and preservation for the whole (group or species). 

   Empirically falsifiable results:

- The organism rate of action increase is proportional to its developmental functional complexity.

 -The organism bio-complexity is a product of its maximum rate of change of action and its non-redundant functional genome size (genome physical complexity).

- Total vitality, the biological evolution goal function, is a product of the organismÕs total action, genome physical complexity and lifespan. It follows natural selection selects the path of maximum action.

- Evolution is punctuationistic transition from a lower attractor (life-principle) to an upper attractor governed by the quantum fractal law of biotic evolution and development.


Elsheikh has been developing this work in his spare time by self-teaching for four decades, under extremely challenging circumstances.

 Elsheikh is now living in a shanty suburb of Khartoum, Sudan.

 Elsheikh, last year, received numerous invitations to scientific conferences in appreciation to his work, but he could not participate because he has no sponsor.

 If interested in the development of this emerging paradigm you may donate



Also related: in the new article: fractalfield.com/mindwave on the wave mechanics of consciousness- Dan Winter et al - discuss the probable role of longitudinal compression waves- in life force and mitogenic radiation.

Below may be a beautiful example of how longitudinal waves (launched by golden ratio phase conjugation- dodeca water and DNA structure) in mitogenic radiation -

could be a primary mechanism in biologic communication:


                              Theoretical basis for MontagnierÕs revolutionary discovery

"that DNA can send electromagnetic imprints of itself into distant cells and fluids
which can then be used by enzymes to create copies of the original DNA"

                                                                Preliminary assessment

                                                                                                            by - E. M. Elsheikh in collaboration with Dan Winter


    Luc Antoine Montagnier is a French virologist and joint recipient with Fran¨oise Barrˇ-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Furthermore, Montagnier (2009; 2010) has brought forth remarkable evidence for a non-particle view of life. He claims that DNA can send electromagnetic imprints of itself into distant cells and fluids which can then be used by enzymes to create copies of the original DNA. The basic set-up of his experiments was that two adjacent but physically separate test tubes were placed within a copper coil and subjected to a very weak extremely low frequency electromagnetic field of 7 hertz. The apparatus was isolated from EarthÕs natural magnetic field to stop it interfering with the experiment. One tube thoroughly filtered from a fragment of DNA around 100 bases long; the second tube contained pure water. After 16 to 18 hours, both samples were independently subjected to the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a method routinely used to amplify traces of DNA by using enzymes to make many copies of the original material. The gene fragment was apparently recovered from both tubes, even though one should have contained just water. Thus it would be possible, according to MontaignerÕs results, to duplicate viral and bacterial DNA in the absence of the physical template of the DNA itself. Coding information would be transmitted by electromagnetic waves generating from water molecules

   Physicists in MontagnierÕs team (2010) suggest that DNA emits low-frequency electromagnetic waves which imprint the structure of the molecule onto the water. This structure, they claim, is preserved and amplified through quantum coherence effects, and because it mimics the shape of the original DNA, the enzymes in the PCR process mistake it for DNA itself, and somehow use it as a template to make DNA matching that which ŅsentÓ the signal.

   Many scientists greeted MontagnierÕs claims with scorn and harsh criticism. One of the criticisms of the work was that there is no known mechanism by which bacteria can generate radio waves. In addition experiments carried out by Montagnier raises the fundamental question of how water could store and receive electromagnetic information of such precision that a DNA sequence could be reproduced without a template, which is how it is normally done. Theoretical chemist Jeff Reimers points out:

ŅIf the results are correct, these would be the most significant experiments performed in the past 90 years, demanding re-evaluation of the whole conceptual framework of modern chemistry.Ó

   Thus to account for Montagnier revolutionary discovery a quantum biological revolution is also needed. It is clear the discovery challenges main stream biology in that the principle all life comes from life could hold only on the basis of a non particle view of life. Moreover the discovery being about encoding, transmission and decoding of bio-information lies beyond the boundaries of ordinary quantum field theory. To address this fundamental problem, Elsheikh (2010; 2013) proposes a new quantum information fractal field theory. The quantum information fractal field, representing the DNA or genome, is self-organizing field which structures nucleotides along a path of maximum action and maximum bio-information, i.e. a path that maintains synthesis of viable functional proteins and generates self-sustained bio-information oscillations. It is a path of syntactically meaningful genetic code. According to the maximum action principle the rate of change of action- matter-energy metabolism- is proportional to the genome capacity to generate developmental functional complexity, i.e. vitality or bio-information. Moreover, the path of maximum action which is , in fact,  a path of total vitality increase is characterized by the increase of Fibonacci numbers, number of nucleotides (genome physical complexity), and varies inversely with the frequency of bio-information oscillations. Vitality, a measure of bio-information, has the dimensions of information and energy. Fibonacci numbers, being a deterministic consequence of the maximum action principle, characterize the quantum functionally stationary states. (Elsheikh, 2013)

     Nucleotides sequence being a sequence of dodecahedrons, as White (2008) asserts, the path of maximum action and bio-information is also a path of golden ratio optimized fractal dodecahedrons. Winter (2012) revealed that the electric geometry of DNA is the fractal nesting of golden ratio based dodecahedron. Within such geometry, electrical waves of charge nest in self-similar or recursive fractal like embedding, it follows wave heterodynes recursively allow the wave velocities adding and multiplying constructively, it is also called fractal field phase conjugation. This recursive heterodyning or fractal field phase conjugation allows charge to be accelerated coherently. In consequence the generation of electromagnetic waves or signals (EMS) is associated with the acceleration of charges within a certain stationary functional quantum state, which is, by the same token, golden ratio optimized fractal dodecahedron quantum state. Thus the EMS encode the information about the golden ratio optimized fractal dodecahedron quantum states. For water to be capable to store this bio-information, the EMS must reassemble and organize water molecules in sequence of golden ratio optimized fractal dodecahedrons.  Do water molecules have the property of being organized to form fractal dodecahedrons? The answer is yes, not only that but also it is established that the dodecahedron is relatively stable and common motif in water clusters, Loboda, (2010).  Now the induced EMS of bio-information by creating golden ratio optimized fractal dodecahedrons in water, they actually create DNA quantum information fractal field template, i.e. create a path of maximum action and bio-information. In consequence the template is capable to emit the same EMS of bio-information due to water dodecahedron fractal field phase conjugation; then given the essential DNA ingredients the template can reassemble the whole DNA sequence. This indicates that fractal field phase conjugation is the mechanism by which both DNA and water clusters generate EMS of bio-information. It is important to note that Winter (2012) discovered fractal field phase conjugation and made numerous technological inventions on this basis. In sum the quantum information fractal field generates two types of oscillations: bio-information oscillations which contain the dynamical essence of a living system and EMS or waves which encode the bio-information.

   Finally, it is appropriate to highlight some of the significance of Montagnier discovery for medicine. Montagnier, et-al (2010) indicates that the signals detected appear to be a property of most bacteria infecting humans, as well as many viruses, including HIV, influenza A, and hepatitis C. Further, it appears from the research, that some common diseases not previously considered to be of bacterial origin, may indeed be so. In evidence of that, signals identical to those detected in test tubes containing live bacteria, have been found in the blood plasma, and in the DNA extracted from the plasma, in patients suffering from AlzheimerÕs, ParkinsonÕs disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic Lyme syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and various neuropathies.. Montagnier has proposed to employ these radio frequency techniques for detection of chronic bacterial and viral infections, and to explore means to use them in treatment of diseases including AIDS and autism. Montagnier also notes that such techniques might someday provide a solution to the growing problem of evolution of antibiotic-resistant organisms.



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2-   Discovery of Human Nature:

                       Science of Faeeliya or Faeeliya Analysis:




į       Faeeliya is the ability to produce and enrich life as a whole, it is creativity and altruism.

į      Faeeliya analysis is a method for revealing the Faeeliya of individuals, societies and literary texts.





¤  Evolution, biological and socio-cultural, maximizes Faeeliya.

¤  Human nature is dualistic: Darwinian at low Faeeliya and humane at high Faeeliya.

¤  Faeeliya Analysis facilitates the transition from the Darwinian phase to the humane phase.



Faeeliya Postulates:

-       Complementarity nature of the Universe

-       Biological evolution maximizes Faeeliya

-       Mind superimposed structures

¤  Complementarity nature of the Universe:

The Broadening of the concept of matter facilitates a new ontology based on the coplementarity of matter waves and bio-information oscillations. Based on the generalization of this vision matter and phenomena are characterized by the unity and complement of opposites. This is different from materialistic monism which reduces e.g.  mind to body, or monistic idealism which does the  opposite. It is different from Cartesian dualism which asserts the independence of these opposites, disregarding their actual interaction. It is also different from dialectical materialism which claims the unity and struggle of opposites. This is because dialectical materialism is a monistic philosophy for which the identity principle prohibits the complement of opposites. Thus complementarity fosters diversity and differentness in contradistinction to totalitarian discourses and ideologies.

¤  Biological evolution maximizes Faeeliya :

According to the quantum information fractal field theory, phylogenetic evolution maximizes total vitality. In consequence phylogenetic evolution, based on the conservation of the genome total bio-information, decreases reproductive fitness. If we associate the decrease of reproductive fitness with increase of altruism, we conclude that phylogenetic evolution maximizes altruism. This is quite evident from the evolution of major transitions, e.g. from unicellular organisms to multi-cellular organisms.  On the other hand since increase of total vitality is associated with creativity, the ability of the organism to adapt or change environmental conditions to suit its well being, we conclude that phylogenetic evolution maximizes both creativity and altruism. We call creativity and altruism Faeeliya. In consequence biological evolution as well as human socio-cultural development (evolution) is maximization of Faeeliya.

¤  Mind superimposed structures:

We assume that due to the evolution of Homo- sapiens brain architecture Faeeliya has been realized as an ontogenetic property. In this regard human nature is subject to reproductive fitness maximization as well as Faeeliya maximization. On the same basis Faeeliya is manifested through the expressions of differentiated mind structures superimposed upon one another, to support the basic human life drives and needs which are:

i-              Reproduction.

ii-            Production and possession of means of subsistence.

iii-          Holistic protection and enrichment of life.


Thus we get the following mind structures:

* Reproduction Mind Structure (RMS):

The RMS secures human life by giving priority to reproduction. Consequently a person conceives him/herself as a reproductive being whose main role in life is to give birth and to care for as many children as possible.

* Materialistic (Bourgeois) Mind Structure (MMS):

This mind structure gives priority to producing and possessing means of subsistence. Thus a person conceives him/herself as a materialistic or an economic being.

* Creative Mind Structure (CMS):

Through this mind structure a person conceives him/herself as a cognitive and creative being whose role in life is characterized by love, creativity and altruism.

        Every individual in every society possesses all three mind structures. However, the dominance of a given mind structure of any social group is determined by the mind structure's ability to respond to the most threatening socio-historic challenges. The dominant mind structure usually utilizes the other two mind structures to achieve its own goals and means. The mind structures, therefore, cooperate when one of them produces positive response to the concurrent problems of social development, security and survival. However, if the dominant mind structure fails to respond positively and effectively, the remaining two mind structures will compete for the opportunity to give a better response. The RMS dominates when there is no means to combat high death rates other than maximizing birth rates, and when man's sheer physical power is the source of social and economic security. The MMS starts to dominate when RMS accomplishes its mission and cities become populated to the extent that acquiring means of subsistence becomes a major challenge, and when MMS and CMS cooperate to overcome the challenge. It is important to note that both RMS and MMS have lower or partial Faeeliya, because their programs for love are closed, i.e., love is confined to oneself and/or to close relatives. The CMS is the only open mind structure which provides love and support to all people without discrimination. The CMS is, therefore, possesses high Faeeliya and can actualize the universal values:  freedom, justice, equality and forgiveness. Each mind structure has its own referential system of values, referential system of knowledge, and referential self-concept which facilitate the accomplishment of its project. It is also important to emphasize that the basic attribute of mind structures is their dynamics, on individual level as well as social level. So the dominance of a given mind structure is by no means complete or immutable.

¤  Human nature:

   Human nature is complementary: It is Darwinian at low Faeeliya characterized by selfishness, aggression and despotism. Yet it is humane at high Faeeliya; characterized by love, creativity and altruism.

¤  Faeeliya Theory of knowledge:

   It is a complementarity theory of knowledge. Being an outcome of the relationship between mind structures and the universe, knowledge is a function of two variables. Consequently at low Faeeliya, consciousness becomes a reflection of the material conditions of life, whereas at high Faeeliya the creative aspect of the self is realized. Thus while Faeeliya acknowledges the independent existence of reality, the realization of the fundamental laws of this reality depends on Faeeliya development.

¤  Faeeliya Analysis:

   It is a method by which the Faeeliya of individuals, societies and literary texts is revealed, i.e. to reveal mind structures' dynamics (development and interaction) as they respond to socio-historic challenges.

¤  Faeeliya Development Mechanism:

     Faeeliya development means the transcendence (not abolition) of RMS and MMS objectives and regimes (projects) and acquiring CMS project according to the following mechanism:

A- Challenge.   B- Breakdown of the societal dominant mind structure, i.e., fails to provide basic human life securities. C- Response, which means: breaking away from the dominant societal mind structure- which is either RMS or MMS- with a Faeeliya project and fostering the project. Suffice to say, there is no creativity without Faeeliya development. Creativity is not mere intelligence, it is essentially Faeeliya: the discovery of a universal order necessitates a universal ego, i.e., universal being.

¤  Faeeliya Psychology:

    Misery, stress and depression are brought about by the breakdown of the incorporated mind structure's project, without access to a substitute project and self-concept. However, alienation occurs when one breakaway from the societal dominant mind structure without project or fails to foster the project, i.e. becoming without Faeeliya identity. Consequently, one becomes subject to the feelings of powerlessness, meaninglessness, normlessness, social isolation and psychological deprivation. Happiness is relative, it is the outcome of successful accomplishment of the dominant incorporated mind structure's project. Unhappiness is, therefore, due to conflicting mind structures' projects. What one usually calls oneÕs self is a product of social programming; hence one can acquire oneÕs real self by Faeeliya development.   

¤  Faeeliya Sociology:

   Social structure is a superimposition of mind structures under the dominance of one of them, which is relative dominance. Therefore, we get RMS, MMS or CMS social structures. Social change is, then, a transformation from one dominant mind structure to another, in accordance with Faeeliya development mechanism. The transformation takes place when the new social forces which incorporate the new mind structure become a major force. In this manner social structure is dynamized. Thus a theory of historic development must be based on the dynamics of social structures.

¤  Historic Development:

   It is an outcome of social structures dynamics which generate Faeeliya space. Such dynamics accommodate the basic historic movement's models: Marxist linear model, Toynbee's cyclic model and structural functionalist model of stasis. Initially, human nature being at low Faeeliya, historic movement- driven by mind structures dynamics- traverses what we call Darwinian space, the space in which RMS and MMS are dominant. Thus historic development (socio-cultural evolution) is a process of Faeeliya maximization which gradually overcomes the Darwinian space gravity. Despite the fact that both RMS and MMS have lower Faeeliya, social systems dominated by the MMS have higher Faeeliya than social systems dominated by the RMS. Socio-economic development is not attainable under RMS dominance, because the RMS has its own conception of development which imprisons mind, body and sex in reproduction and disregards CMS projects. It is the MMS which relatively liberates mind, body and sex from reproduction.

¤  Faeeliya Space:

   Faeeliya space is composed of RMS, MMS and CMS Faeeliya subspaces. RMS and MMS, being at lower Faeeliya, form what we call Darwinian space.  So, we confine the name Faeeliya space to the subspace dominated by the CMS, which has not yet been formed. Nonetheless, due to Faeeliya development mechanism, the Darwinian space has always been partially and scatteredly occupied by Faeeliya actors who contributed to the rise of civilizations and to human peace and progress.

¤  Theory of Culture:

   Culture, being an intellectual preparedness to produce material means and to create spiritual values, i.e. Faeeliya, is realized by the superposition of mind structures' discourses. Every culture possesses the three discourses. It follows cultures do not differ in accordance with composition. They differ in accordance with the dominant discourse, i.e. whether RMS, MMS or CMS discourse. Each discourse is based upon a certain referential system of knowledge, referential system of values and induces a certain self-concept, which initiate and support the societal dominant mind structure's project. What is called clash of civilizations is not a clash between materialistic cultures and humanistic cultures; it is rather an antagonism between MMS and RMS objectives and discourses, which may exist within the same culture. A standard religion is a multilevel discourse which addresses all mind structures; so each person interprets it and interiorizes it according to her/his own dominant mind structure. It follows religion is a unifier and a potential sub-divider. Religious violence and other-disregarding behavior is an expression of low Faeeliya. Now, Faeeliya reconciles the existing contradiction between science and the final goals of religion.

¤  Political Theory:

   The nature of a political regime is determined by the dominant social structure. It is clear that RMS social structure generates kinship relations power as represented by monarchism and – in general- despotic regimes. MMS social structure generates economic power as represented by capitalism liberal democracy. CMS social structure generates Faeeliya power of participation which may be represented by some sort of social democratic system.. Contrary to Modernism and Marxism ambitions, the universal values of freedom, justice, equality and forgiveness can not dominate in a Darwinian space. This is why such dominance is called utopia. A basic attribute of the Darwinian space is that frequently the CMS discourse is utilized during socio-economic, religious and ethnic conflicts in order to monopolize power, wealth and truth instead of abolition of monopoly. It follows to actualize the universal values a transition to Faeeliya space is necessary. The transition requires: a- open system of knowledge, b- universal ego, i.e., Faeeliya development; c- new cultural project; d- new social force which can actualize the project. Such a transition must be peaceful, democratic and humane reflecting the Faeeliya of the new social actors.

¤  Literary Theory:

   Literature is an imaginary Faeeliya linguistic structure, i.e. it belongs to an imaginary Faeeliya space.  The literary text internal linguistic structure is at the same time Faeeliya relations structure. Consequently, the poetic nature of a literary text is an outcome of the relationship between the artistic expression of language and Faeeliya relations. 

¤  Ultimate Goal:

       The ultimate meaning and purpose of human life is to maximize Faeeliya, rather than to maximize capital or reproduction.

¤  What is Faeeliya Person?

     A Faeeliya person objectifies the fundamental law of life- Faeeliya law- through living with passion and purpose, i.e. fostering universal love and protection; love that transcends the boundaries of race, religion and geography.

¤  Important Results:

A -The ultimate goal of biological evolution, socio-cultural development, and individual development is to maximize Faeeliya, i.e., maximize creativity and altruism.

B - Faeeliya development is the key to transcending the Darwinian space, the cradle of human sufferings.

C- The new foundation of human knowledge:

The proposed new quantum biological revolution and Faeeliya Analysis facilitate a new foundation for human knowledge:

i- Transcending the contradiction between physics and biology.

This has been achieved by broadening the concept of matter, i.e., by revealing the generalized complementarity of matter waves and bio-information oscillations, associated with ordinary quantum fields and biological self-replicating quantum fields.

ii- Transcending  the contradiction between biology and human sciences.

This has been achieved by broadening the concept of survival according to which the genome's total biological information generates two survival components i.e. reproductive fitness and total vitality (Faeeliya) fitness. In consequence human nature is complementary: Darwinistic at low Faeeliya and humane at high Faeeliya.

iii - Transcending the contradiction between social structure and history ( change).

This is achieved by broadening the concept of mind, i.e., revealing mind superimposed structures, the dynamics of which generate the socio-cultural evolution.  Social structure stasis is maintained as far as the dominant mind structure succeeds in providing basic human life securities. When the dominant mind structure breakdown, social forces representing the other mind structures compete to respond to the arising challenges. In consequence, social structure is empowered by both stasis and dynamics.



Elsheikh has been developing this work in his spare time by self-teaching for four decades, under extremely challenging circumstances.

 Elsheikh is now living in a shanty suburb of Khartoum, Sudan.

 Elsheikh, last year, received numerous invitations to scientific conferences in appreciation to his work, but he could not participate because he has no sponsor.

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